Teen Idol All-Star Singing Competition (TIASC)

Celebrate what may become an annual competition amongst Teen Idol Alumni
Association Members


See to the right for definitions of *, ** & *** items

  1.      be a qualifying Teen Idol finalist*
  2.      be a member of the Teen Idol Alumni Association**
  3.      have an active Facebook account
  4.      commit to promote and recruit for Season 10 of Teen Idol
  5.      volunteer to help at a Season 10 audition or competition round
  6.      compete in all competition rounds (will be in August)
  7.      perform over next year - 2 times if top 5, 4 times if All-Star Winner
  8.      commit to selling tickets to attend competition rounds
  9.      Have LIKE'd the Teen Idol Facebook Fanpage
  10.      no felonies & not pregnant as of July 1st 2016
  11.      Students that didn't complete their contract, must get approval
from the producer prior to being accepted as a contestant***


  1.        Register online at TeenIdol.org with current address, phone & email
  2.        Complete Season 10 Teen Idol Application including All-Star Questions
  3.        Promote online and share the Teen Idol posts - help get students for 2016
  4.        Email, mail or drop off your application with photo ID before June 30th
  5.        Dates and times for competition rounds will be provided when available

  •          Number of rounds will be determined by number of qualified competitors
  •          registered as of 6/30 but likely 3 rounds of competition

  •          Weekend 1 - total number of participants will be reduced to no more than 30.

  •          Following weekend, will reduce down to 10-15.
  •          Final weekend will determine Winner and top 5 that will have additional
  •          tour responsibilities (note all finalists from all years/programs can perform
  •          during normal tour dates as space allows).

  •          Winner $500, 2nd $300 & 3rd $200 just like normal competition as long as
  •          Total tickets or ad space sold in the name of competitors equals $2500 or more.
(Student(s) that were terminated may not eligible to compete or perform - ask Dennis Gleason)

**Teen Idol Alumni Association:
See the association page here

The TIAA was created to bring together participants, volunteers, semi-finalists, finalists, supporters
and sponsors into a program that can help the organization grow, expand and provide great benefit to
our communities and each year of students.  Many hands make light work is very true - a very small
time commitment is required to be part of the alumni association.  Teen Idol All-Star Competition
(TIASC) applicants need to signup with the alumni association if not already members at time of
application submission.

***Contract Issues:

  • All students from 2011 to 2016 had a performance contract requiring at least 4 performances to
    complete the season.  
contract performances.  Message him through his Facebook Page.
  • If you are needing many performances and are concerned that you may not be able to make
    them up by Aug 1st, the producer may be willing to make exceptions.
  • If you are a pre-contract finalist or Beaverton Teen Idol top 3, that didn't have a contract to
    fulfill, a file of how many performances you did make will need to be created.  If no tour
    performances can be confirmed from a pre-2011 finalist - even during a different season,
    arrangements for one or more performance may be required at producers discretion.
  • If you were terminated for any reason,  but qualified to be an alumni member, the producer
    would have the sole authority to permit participation.  
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