Former Teen Idol Students:
Aubrey Cleland; 11th on American Idol,
Madison Shanley; Top 88 on American Idol,
Jordan Thompson; Top 25 on Nashville Star
Our program develops pros!
Finalist Mentor Interest Form
Must be a musician with singing in public experience.
See Rules to the right before submitting.
Your first & last name:
Your email address:
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City, State & Zip Code:
Who or how did you
find out about us?
What is your singing experience?
By submitting this form, you understand that one on one mentoring with a
teen requires a background check.  Any expenses accrued while with the teen
will be your responsibility.  It may be written off on taxes but the service is
considered to be voluntary and not reimbursed.  

You understand that you have a minimum of 6 hour commitment to work with
the student on their individual songs for competition and you agree to keep a
log of the hours you meet to work with them.  

You also understand that time scheduled with the youth must be sent to the
mentor liaison manager to advise them of when you will be with the student.

Parents of each student must also be informed of all the time you plan and do
spend with their child.   Teen Idol reserves the right to attend, supervisor or
oversee any and all mentoring activities including taking photos, video and
may also interject if any disputes or concerns arise.
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Teen Idol Mentoring Guidelines
Mentoring Teens to compete in our competition is a great honor - you are able to work one on one
with a student to help them succeed and potentially win!  

Here are things to know:

  • You would be acting as a volunteer with Teen Idol called Teen Idol Volunteers.
  • A background check will be performed - no personal criminal history permitted
  • You will need to put at least 6 hours of time in with the student - 3 hours per song
  • A log of time and activities will need to be completed and turned in via email by a deadline
  • No male mentor can be one on one with a female student - a chaperone will be provided
  • All plans to spend with your youth should be sent to

Promotional Opportunities

We will promote you and your mentoring of the student you're assigned to.
You are welcome and encouraged to do that same - after a student has been assigned
Each mentor will receive a recognition of service certificate and free entry to the finale.

With permission from the youth and parent, you may be able to continue to work with the student
throughout the tour to work on songs for the various events including the National Anthem required at
every event (each student has to sing it at least once).

You may be invited to events or activities that are planned throughout the season.  If there is a cost
associated with it, any amount you would be expected or asked to pay would be provided to you
before committing - most will not include funds or sponsorship for mentors due to budget

Do not give your youth money.  There is nothing we do that will cost the student anything other than
getting to and from the activity in some cases (we will provide transportation whenever needed and
we can provide. If you want to help, send a donation offer to - indicate you want
Mentors can convert to general Teen Idol Volunteers.  Instead of sticking with one student, you can
become a general volunteer that lets you help out wherever and whenever we have activities based
on need and availability.  

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