Student Volunteers:     NEW TO TEEN IDOL      TEEN IDOL ALUMNI

Are you a teen and looking to participate in Teen Idol but don't want to compete?
Consider volunteering.  No matter where you live or how much time you have
available, we have opportunities for you.  

You can register to just help promote the program or do research or go through
the full application process and show up on site and help us make the magic.

If you want to help your school by putting up flyers (with permission) and post on
school fanpages (reasonably), we have positions available to help you get resume
credit for the work you do (minimum hour commitment or task completion goals).

Example volunteer activities have included helping check in students, promote the
program, sell tickets, find venues, usher students between rooms, auditions, speak
to contestants, relay messages, put up signs, recruit and other short term
activities.  Minimum commitment requested is 3 hours for onsite help or as little as
30 minutes for online only help - the choice is up to you. Volunteers that put 5 or
more hours in may receive IMDB credit.

In person volunteers must be at least 9 years old and be supervised by a family
member teen or adult.  All volunteers on site must complete an application with
release waivers signed.

Adult Volunteers:   NEW TO TEEN IDOL or PRE-2011 VOLUNTEER / ALUMNI

The only difference between Adult and Student volunteers is that Adults have to
go through background checks if they will be alone with the students (excluding 18
or 19 year olds that are still attending high school) and typically adults are put in
charge of activities that the youth volunteers or interns help with.

3rd party volunteering is when a volunteer, intern, staff member, judge or other
affiliatedTeen Idol or Dark Wing Productions participant, volunteers for a nonprofit
agency or community event in the name of "Teen Idol Volunteers" (our volunteer
team name).  
What would you like to do:

  • Location scout potential venues to perform at or hold meetings at.
  • Do research on opportunities
  • Help put together fun activities, events or other fun outings
  • Data entry - enter contestant data into a database or IMDB
  • Help raise money by talking to potential sponsors
  • Organize or prepare for next season

Do you plan to volunteer for a nonprofit?  Consider doing so as a part of Teen Idol.  Whether it's a
school, church or other nonprofit, you can have your time credit our program.  How does this help?
At the end of the year, we look back to see how much time was volunteered under our name.  

To volunteer in our name, you need to have completed and turned in an application for Teen Idol
as a volunteer, judge, contestant or alumni. Alumni members are volunteers by default so if you
are one, you don't need to apply again.

Disqualifying volunteer activities:  We do not count nor associate with certain types of events,
venues or causes.  Generally those dealing with drugs (legal or otherwise), alcohol, cigarettes or
causes that are designed to create hatred, be combative with others or put down a specific
demographic.  If unsure, it's always better to ask.  Only participants that have worked with us, can
go out and volunteer in our name with other agencies.

Want to help but not now, not this year, don't know how or would like to talk to someone about it?
email us at and let us know what you're thinking.  Include a phone
number and of course your name so we can contact you to gather more information.

Alumni & non-student (adult) Volunteers - Alumni meaning you have turned in a Teen Idol
application to compete or volunteer since 2011 (includes Beaverton Teen Idol), were a volunteer,
staff, finalist or alternate in Portland Teen Idol between 2007 and 2010 or donated space, time,
gifts, prizes or other value to the program.  Non-Student volunteer is someone 18 or over that has
graduated from high school and has never been a finalist or volunteer of the program but want to
help now.

New Child/Student Volunteers - Ages 9 to 18 that are currently in school or graduated prior being
18 who are not competing this season.  Requires parents approval in all cases, students under
13 must be accompanied by adults for all shifts.

Mentors for Finalists - If you are an experienced performer that has been a successful performer
and entertainer including general musicians and former finalists that have done well,
Leader roles available to volunteers
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