1: Complete the Short Form Application - it is required for all contestants.  Parents and or
Picture ID from your school or state issued license or ID card or birth certificate will
be required at your audition.  

3: Parent or adult chaperone is required for students 13, 14 or 15 to all non-school
auditions and at all competition rounds.  Exceptions allowed for auditions at a school
(does not need to be the school the student is going to).

Prepare 1 appropriate song to sing acapella for 60 - 90 seconds - no musical
accompaniment.  One you will for sure sing.  We recommend a back up song in case the  
judge asks for you to sing another.
No Lyrics will be allowed for the audition.


You can tryout for both English and your language.   You will be asked to choose one or the
other as the competition rounds occur.  

Auditions for Spanish and Russian and Standup are done at every audition.  We record the
audition for review by a Spanish/Russian/Standup judge later.

It is preferred that you speak the language well to compete in a foreign language as
performing will require interaction with the public in that language during the tour.  Must be
able to read, write and comprehend English.

If you are competing in Spanish, Russian or Stand-up, you will be given another audition for that category at
the same time or you can opt to come back.

A second chance interview may occur if we find that we have more space or time than originally thought for
students that barely missed the cut off - a second audition or call back may be requested.

Students that demonstrate poor sportsmanship, are rude, inappropriate or get angry, will be excused from
this and all other contests.

Parents that are inappropriate, rude or disruptive, may not only be asked to leave, but likely will disqualify
the student as well.

Competition rounds will be created if there are more than 10 students in any category.  If less, a panel of
appropriate judges will determine ranking and top students to go on tour based on the audition or may ask
for a call back.


1: Select songs that are typically well known.  This helps the judges focus on your singing, not the song.  
It is recommended, but not required, that teens stay away from obscure and original works for auditions.

Generally speaking, up beat and fun songs are better received.  It increases the judges desire to put
you through when you get them to laugh, dance or sing along with you.

Dress appropriate for your age, the song choice and be family friendly.  A slow love song ballad would
not be wearing leather and a country song wouldn't involve a suit with out a cowboy hat.

Have a great attitude.  Nothing annoys judges more than contestants that are full of themselves, are
rude or inconsiderate to others.  

5: Be early and register first.  We put folks through based on order they arrive.  Although we won't be able
to notify students at the audition if they made it through or not, nerves can sometimes impact auditions so
getting it done sooner rather than later may help.

Be prepared.   Have your application filled out and ID out and ready to hand to the check-in volunteers.  
The sooner everyone is ready, the sooner auditions typically begin.
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