Gabriella Quintero
English Winner:
Hailey Kilgore
Spanish Winner:
Shani Plunket-
de la Cruz
Standup Winner:
Max Van Bureau
Jeyonna Barr
Jeff Quigley
Haley Ward
Applicants from over
70 schools in 2013!
Season 10, 2016 - Auditions open now for English Singing through April 17th - Spanish,
Russian & Stand up through June 1st.  All-Star competition for former finalists open through
July 15th.  Volunteering, Alumni and Leadership Council open year round.

Season 9, 2015
Breana Eubanks from Oregon City High School came in first with Cali Mashore from Dexter
McCarty Middle Schoool and
James Gardner from Tualatin High coming in 2nd & 3rd
respectfully.  Rounding out placement,
Charlotte Belle from West Sylvan Middle was 4th and and
Danielle Waltman from Stoller Middle School 5th.  See season for other finalists including from
Dayzsha Lei that has stepped up and become a director in Vancouver.  We added
back Russian Singing won by
Jessica Vasilenko, Spanish singing won by Emily Lara and our
Stand-up program won by Magician turned comedian
Sean Oulashin.  Teen Idol also became an
Oregon nonprofit.

Season 8, 2014
Chloe Voeller from West Linn High School won with ACMA student Savannah Panah coming in
2nd and home schooled student
Quantrell Bryant came in third.  Jesse Rosario, third in
Beaverton Teen Idol came in 4th and returning contestant
Ashley Hayter came in Fifth.  We
ended up having to cancel Spanish, Russian and Standup this season due to budget shortfalls
after a major sponsor had its funding pulled, that also pull our rug out - and several other
organizations too.   Teen Idol also became an Oregon nonprofit.

Season 7, 2013
Emily Brady - 13 year old attending Centennial Middle School was first place in the English
competition with 14 year old Daniel Nouynai-Herrera as the Spanish winner.  Due to funding, a
Stand-up competition was cancelled.  Students from all of the state participated this year
equaling higher than in 2012 by a narrow margin with 413 as the official count between
volunteers, contestants and students.  

Season 6, 2012
13 year old Happy Valley Middle School student Hailey Kilgore took first prize in our biggest
English contest year to date with
Shani Plunkett-de la Cruz as the Spanish Winner.   This also
marks the first English centric program in Oregon to include a concentration on a foreign
language.  Finally our first ever Standup Comic winner from Westview HS was
Max Van Bureau   
(aka Alex Milshtein).  Total official count of impacted students was 397 from 73 various schools
which included contestants, volunteers, students and interns.  Hailey got the opportunity to open
for Jake Owen at the Oregon State Fair.
Season 5, 2011
First season of Portland Teen Idol to be owned and operated by Dennis Gleason and his company Dark Wing Productions was a
smashing success;
Haley Ward from Kraxberger Middle School takes 1st place out of 298 students from 66 different schools.  The
students were able to perform "
God Bless the USA" in front of the Oregon House which included  former Oregon House Chair's son,
Andy Hunt from Gladstone HS who came in second and Haley Jones came in 3rd.  Lovey James from Brown Middle School who made
top 20 on Season 14 of American Idol came in 4th and Keeley Anderson came in 5th.  

Season 4, 2010
Jeyonna Barr came in 1st and  Alex Hall from 2008 top 10 came back to place 3rd.  There was no other contests by the city.

Season 3, 2009
This is the first year that the teen program with the City of Portland - Teen Scene, begun running the PTI program due to natural
changes within city operations.  Gabriella Quintero from Reynolds HS (formerly Columbia HS) won first place  ith American Idol 11th
place finisher
Aubrey Cleland came in 2nd, American Idol top 100 Madison Shanley came in 3rd with the current English Director Jen
Rushen coming in 4th  This is the first year that DWP was contracted to produce videos for the Movies in the Park program, the same
program that the PTI students perform for during their summer tour.

Season 2, 2008
Cameron Quick (aka Jeff Quigley) won this year at 17 years old from Jesuit HS.  He was able to open for Willie Nelson at the Oregon
State Fair.  This was the last year that the Portland Parks & Recreation specifically ran the PTI program before being transferred to the
Teen Scene. Dark Wing Productions was introduced this year and produced the first televised Semi-Final and Finale program on
public access television. DWP also was able to work with the idols on their summer tour including working with
Charmain Carr (Leisel
from Sound of Music) during a Movies in the Parks tour performance.   Portland Trailblazer Jerome Kersey's daughter, Kiara
Staleto-Kersey placed in the top 10.  It also marks the first year that DWP became a contractor for the city.  

Season 1, 2007
The first ever year of the PTI program created and operated by the Portland Parks & Recreation (PPR) where 16 year old Charlie
Danger (aka Jordan Thompson) from Glencoe HS won.  She later went on to be in the top 25 on the then popular national TV show
Nashville Star and opened for Hart at the Oregon State Fair.  The program was created through the ideas of South Services Division
Manager Jeff Milkes and his family, wife Tammie - formerly with the City of Damascus and was the brain child of their then 11 year old
daughter Maleia that attended and graduated from Centennial High School.  The students we able to go on tour singing at the Movies
in the Parks program also ran by PPR.
Pre-Dark Wing Production ownership
About Teen Idol's History (photos below)
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PTI Finalist Madison Shanley made top 88 in Amer. Idol in 2012
PTI Winner Jordan Thompson made Nashville Star top 25!
Our program develops stars!
English Winner:
Emily Brady
Spanish Winner:
Daniel Nouynai-Herrera
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English Winner:
Chloe Voeller
English Winner:
Breana Eubanks
Standup Winner:
Sean Oulashin
Spanish Winner:
Emily Lara
Russian Winner:
Jessica Vasilenko